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The Institute of Cartography

Part 1 Project 2022
Monica Burman
University of Nottingham | UK
The reconstructed boats set out on a voyage, in an attempt at mapping the past to navigate the future.

The institute of cartography is a laboratory and archive of mapping principles, primarily observation, surveying, analysis, and transcription.

Through navigating journeys, ideas and principles will be embedded within the voyager, allowing them to journey ahead to their desired future.

As the voyager explores cartographic principles the building weaves information through its loom to create the master map, The master map becomes a sail, whereby the navigation formula is inscribed within its threads, before being draped over the voyager's boat.

As the boat travels into the future, the voyager reads his path from the sail's threads, thread by thread the sail unravels and dwindles until it is no longer, and it is at this time that the boat arrives at its final destination, known as one's future.

Only then is the purpose of the institute complete.

Monica Burman

Mani Lall
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