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Between There and Now

Part 1 Project 2023
Nathan Arceri
University of Melbourne | Australia
Between There and Now presents a bottom-up approach to share housing, for a new demographic. The scheme provides an accessible avenue for young adults to enter the housing market by promoting a gameboard approach to development. Whereby the assorted sizes of buildings refer to the scale of investment from different ‘players’. Accommodating various living and economic needs. The precinct reduces the idea of the traditional ‘home’ into key functions. Allowing its residents to define and appropriate their surroundings.

The material palette is divided between the two levels. Whilst level 1 proposes specified elements, the ground floor material palette is a basic framework. Salvaged, repurposed and within reach.

The distinction of the two floors is representative of the approach. The level 1 apartments bear the extent of the airtightness layer. Whereas the ground floor of repurposed materials remains raw and uninsulated. However, the increased inhabitation of the communal ground facilitates its passive heating. Human heat gain. A higher occupation, a higher temperature.

This thermal and functional autonomy of the level 1 apartments suggests an inherently portable system, as the employment of detachable elements provide a framework for assembly, disassembly, and reassembly.

Nathan Arceri

Djordje Stojanovic
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