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Common Grounds

Part 1 Project 2023
Alexandra Muntean
Manchester School of Architecture Manchester | UK
Social changes, such as inequality, poverty and violence, have made young people vulnerable to mental health problems with approximately half of adolescents experiencing depression. Recognising Burnley’s limited healthcare provision, the proposal aims to improve awareness of mental health through training within local communities and the region. Challenging current healthcare models, the building proposes a new typology based on adaptable spaces and social interaction as main tools for healing. The spatial sequencing supports the healing process by offering a series of connections, creating a symbiosis between man-made and natural environments.

Developed as a philosophy of tectonics, the project explores patients’ cognitive response to natural materials. The “column” structures highlight a different healthcare environment; the typical “desk and chair” setting being replaced with an informal space; the structure becoming an integrative part of the function. The glulam structures are connected through a series of green corridors, blurring the boundaries between built space and nature. The proposal is designed for longevity and deconstruction, the structure consisting of a series of homogenous connections and mechanical fixing, being easily dismantled, and moved elsewhere.

Alexandra Muntean

Victoria Jolley
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