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Between the Layers: Growing Revealing Surfaces

Part 1 Project 2023
Marcus Dunmow
University of Plymouth | UK
Based within a newly master-planned urban agricultural campus, Between the layers is a multi-use nutrition center sited along Plymouth’s Western Approach. Previously there stood a monolithic, concrete structure which hindered community access to the city center. This nutrition center re-connects these communities and houses a community kitchen, food bank, market café and vertical study zone. These all visually and axially connect to the new highly demanded allotments situated parallel to the scheme.

The program is designed around efficient flows of resources to reduce the carbon footprint of food production. One flow starts with the absorption of knowledge in the study zone which is then applied in the community kitchen and then this product is passed through for sale in the café/market or donated to the food bank. The other flow initiates with the growing and harvesting of food in the allotments, which travels into the garden kitchen for cleaning and prepping and then into the kitchen where it joins the first flow.

Additionally, the building envelope aids in this efficiency with the growth of an inhabitation layer. Constructed from layers of repeated components, this living surface increases native pollinator populations to better urban agriculture. Evolving with time.

Marcus Dunmow

Ricky Burke
Andrew Humphreys
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