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Threads of Time

Part 2 Project 2023
Warren D’Souza
University of Bath | UK
The culture of the cloth has long been threaded through India’s history, with it being central to all aspects of society. However, the growing industry now faces surmounting challenges. Traditional techniques are being replaced by unsustainable and unethical processes that are fraying the threads that once symbolised the nation’s identity.

Located at the heart of Udaipur, on the border of its historic Old City, the project seeks to revitalise the lost textile bazaar by reconnecting the city with its textile roots and paving a future for the growth of Indian craftsmanship. The Textile Museum, Craft Centre and Community Centre are made from local materials that resemble the characters and patterns of the local thread. Collectively, they form an interwoven network of discovery and education, cultivating an ethos of sustainable textile culture by promoting the circular journey of the fabric.

By taking users on a journey through time, tradition and innovation coalesce to support the sustainable fabric that stitches together the narratives of the city, its people, and its culture. Through weaving together the threads of time, the project celebrates the heritage of the past, connects with the processes of today, and creates opportunity for a more regenerative future.

Warren D’Souza

Matthew Harrison
Prof Alex Wright
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