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Museum of Queer Art

Part 2 Project 2023
Luca Puzzoni
London Metropolitan University | UK
London based queer artists find themselves at the intersection of three discouraging phenomena:
1 - The prominent closure of queer venues at city level, hitting up to 60% businesses in 10 years.
2 - The destabilizing pressure of gentrifying forces pushing artists out of the city, due to lack of accessible tools, making spaces and exposure.
3 - The necessity to navigate through a history of queer art marked by iron curtains, biblioclasm and archive rooms.

The Museum of Queer Art seeks to be in service of this community, challenging the social impact a cultural institution can obtain. It does so by providing not solely spaces for exhibiting queer art but rather propose a cluster of safe spaces for communal making, learning, organising, celebrating and archiving lgbtqia+ culture. Partly retrofit partly newbuilt, the proposal employs a demolition process that is integral to the proposed. The existing fabric is stripped of the recent additions of lower quality, in pursuit of a more legible, celebrated original fabric of masonry walls. This is assembled within a loose built environment that allows a permeable and accessible site from road to canal. A spatial experience of belonging where queer art, the party and the protest cannot be separated.

Luca Puzzoni

Kate Coghlan
Andrea Hickey
Pippa Nissen
Marie-Lise Oulmont
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