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Deconstructing Pedigreed Architecture

Part 1 Project 2023
Conor Matthew Ryan
University College Cork | Ireland
This thesis for a new School of Engineering established itself as an understanding that the predefined spaces of our built environment can be adapted into juxtaposed ideologies of use. My work focused on the philosophy of social constructs and how we sustain them through architecture. This led to research acknowledging the decline of use within the largest buildings in the city centre of Cork, the churches.

The project is about re-establishing different intense usage into a building or site type which has the dominant footprints within the city. The School of Engineering expands from within a city block, using a morphed dialect of religious architecture to create internalised spaces to orientate users within the compact space of the fully utilised site of the back lands of an urban city block.

This project began with archival research of the existing church. This led to an obsession with St Augustine's Church on Washington Street, Cork. The design project tunes religious architecture into a new dialect, to utilise the large spaces that exist within these buildings that are becoming exanimate of use.

Conor Matthew Ryan

Nicci Brock
Tara Kennedy
John McLaughlin
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