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Tyne Archives

Part 1 Project 2023
Maya Vahidi
Northumbria University Newcastle | UK
Nestled into a re-wilded, marshland landscape amongst remnants of railway tracks, Tyne Archives is a museum that hopes to stand as a testament to the rich history of the former R.&W. Hawthorn Leslie Shipyard, Newcastle. The project explores the notion of symbolic journeys and proposes a poetic response to a place which was once a great epicentre for marine engineering, restoring life to a site entangled with memory whilst improving prosperity within the disadvantaged, local community.

The project sees the radical attempt to interlock the river and landscape through restoring and extruding former jetties, drawing the water back into the land and softening the river edge condition with floating wetlands. The buildings sit in tandem amongst these strong projections and take on vessel-like proportions referencing the previous atmosphere of grandeur. Immersive walkways and bridges interweave between the raised buildings as does the grassland veil, allowing the interventions to become one with nature.

Comprising of a fragmented series of growing exhibition volumes, the project proposes an alternate paradigm for places of remembrance where visitors delve into tangible and intangible heritage through embarking on a experiential journey both physically as they move through the landscape, and symbolically through the sequential exhibition narrative.

Maya Vahidi

Will Campbell
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