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La Mucca Podolica: Rethinking Traditions

Part 1 Project 2023
Antonia Trager
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
The settlement of a specific species of cows brings local resources to the Italian-Ligurian hilltown Castè. They supplement the currently widespread sheep and goats. The so-called Podolica-Cows could cope with this specific terrain of the exposed location of Castè. However, the narrowness of the landscape allows only a limited number of cattle which is why it can be considered a pilot project.

The cows’ high-quality cheese, the so-called “Podolico Caciocavallo”, could be processed locally. It can be both sold to tourists and Italians as well as to other regions. If the concept works, there is already a production facility on-site where cheese production could be easily enlarged. It is also possible to extent this project to other areas in Liguria. Basically, the new building complex is designed and sized for the processing and ripening of milk from about 30 cows.

The already existing so-called Boschetto will resume its function as a heritage-link between the two villages of Castè and Carpena, offering a local sale of cheese. However, this makes it possible to source at least small amounts of locally produced daily food and renews the former platform for accidental exchange between the inhabitants of the two respective villages.

Antonia Trager

Alberto Alessi
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