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Part 1 Project 2023
Theodora Sideri
University of Strathclyde | UK
People have always moved. Down the road. To the next town. And yes, sometimes people move to another country. Sometimes we move because we choose to, and sometimes we move because we have no other options.

“Diaspora” is located on the boundary between the Merchant City and Townhead areas of Glasgow providing the opportunity for commercial uses, continuing the shopfront element on George Street level. The nature of the site with the steep topography allows for the provision of a public courtyard which is used as the transitional level between the two streets.

By combining residential buildings with retail units and a community centre, “Diaspora” project not only addresses the physical housing needs of the community but also takes a holistic approach to promote social integration, cultural exchange, and overall community well-being.

A project that has the potential to become a vibrant and inclusive hub within the city of Glasgow. Diaspora is a place for immigrants - home for a new life.

Theodora Sideri

Murray Henderson
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