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Part 1 Project 2023
Peja Josipa Gasparevic
University of Liechtenstein | Liechtenstein
Proposing solutions at eye level, as city development is not about a one fits all. Understanding the unique features a space has to offer enables individual solutions.

“Connect” proposes an urban design in the heart of Gamprin-Bendern that aims to create a dialogue between the existing structures. Generating an interwoven network of people, structures, and the environment, that supports the regional identity and community of Unterbendern.

The concept operates by enhancing the previously inconspicuous structures around the bus station and connects them seamlessly into a new city square. Visual axis based on the site-specific features, create the framework for the settlement, maintaining the economic and historic relevancy and connecting the city to international borders. Interventions in the eco- and water scape improve the biodiversity and hereby enhance the quality of life for all living organisms.

The economic hotspot in Gamprin-Bendern is strengthened by the improved traffic concept and mobility hub. Pairing the traditional agriculture with modern technology to support the local community. Commuters and residents get to see exciting natural occurrences and thriving biodiversity outside of and within the city. The new urban hub offers room for housing, workspaces, and cultural facilities, while maintaining the historic monument as visual axis.

Peja Josipa Gasparevic

Luis Gabriel Hilti
Felix Ledergerber
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