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In-between Cocoa

Part 1 Project 2023
Ella Yun Hong
Architectural Association London | UK
The story begins in the depths of an Indonesian forest, on a Javanese cocoa plantation where mythical tales and real-life challenges are entwined.

It all started with a curious exploration of animal anthropomorphism, bringing Easter bunnies onto monocultural plantations. These captivating creatures teased the possibilities of animal shelters and questioned the relationships of a chocolate factory’s stakeholders.

Following this tale, the In-Between Cocoa project intertwines cocoa processing with livestock programs, creating a harmonious fusion of flavours and a sustainable alliance between species. By designing for a thorough agroforestry scheme, its architecture, like a wise mediator, seeks to resolve conflicts over land distribution between smallholders and corporate interests on the site of a former cocoa company. Moreover, it envisions a vibrant playground, where joy echoes in its vernacular-inspired canopies, from local kids and families. A sanctuary is born, providing shelter and solace for pets, livestock, and wildlife. Not to mention yields from resilient farmland and bustling tourists attracted by the revitalised cocoa miracle.

Thus, the tale of In-Between Cocoa, where humans and non-humans find space for coexistence, spreads far and wide. A beacon for a hopeful future, where harmony and sustainability merge in the name of a sweet, delectable chocolate dream.

Ella Yun Hong

Ricardo De Ostos
Nicholas Zembashi
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