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E-Waste Regenerator

Part 1 Project 2023
Sophia McGowan
University of Bath | UK
E-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream on the planet and the most valuable. Old tech still contains precious metals such as gold, which can be extracted and integrated back into the manufacturing process, steering companies away from harmful and unethical mining practices.

The scheme aims to explore our relationship with waste and technology, transforming part of Oxford’s first electrical power station into a hub to process and regenerate E-Waste. As well as providing a processing floor to dismantle and part-harvest old tech, the scheme integrates art studios and a public gallery to allow artists to create and exhibit works that tackle these themes.

The primary design concept arose from reinstating the old coal grab roof form that once brought in coal from the river. Indicating the building’s revival to the city, the proposal serves the community once again. Sweeping the roof form down to a more human scale expresses invitation to the public. Elements of the power station’s past are celebrated, as the once-redundant coal hoppers are re-purposed and become the heart of the building.

Sophia McGowan

Julia Kashdan-Brown
Matthew Wickens
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