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A Tober: An Architecture of Resilience and Joy

Part 1 Project 2023
James Haynes
Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture | UK
Contrived from a desire to produce purpose, and imagined to bring joy to a charged landscape, this proposal is an address, an effort to carefully construct a proposition for the reclamation of Ocean Terminal Leith. Catalysed by the concurrent ecological and economic crises, the project threads disparate yet quietly connected narratives, building incrementally to forcefully challenge the contemporary clamour for the site’s destruction. At its heart, it is an attempt to playfully compel others to speculate on possibilities beyond that which can be seen.

Branded as a tober, the proposal’s title subtly embraces this lively ambition, supported by the term’s dual meaning. It is a reference to the site of a fairground; a momentary condition; a place in which a form of fantasy brings life to the wasteland upon which it sits. It is also though, a reference to the act of winning a fight, an action registerable as a declaration of intent.

A tober can then be considered a place of protest and play, a momentary construction designed to be formative to community and revitalising to place. The design aspires to mirror these tenets, crafting a proposal welcoming of flexibility, embracive of possibility, and ephemeral in appearance and nature.

James Haynes

Moa Carlsson
Simone Ferracina
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