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The Metaground

Part 1 Project 2023
Ilja Anosovs
University of Strathclyde | UK
In the time of tectonic environmental, cultural, social, and technological changes, exists a real threat to our society. As a response to these fears, The Metaground utilises and challenges the recent technological phenomenon of the metaverse in an attempt to tame something, which is essentially anti-architecture and anti- life.

I wanted to use the metaverse as a powerful tool to connect and bring together artists, performers, and creatives from across the globe within a single performance venue. Drawing inspiration from the realms of cinema and literature, I tried to speculate how the metaverse could be expressed architecturally. The use of holograms, projections, and transformable elements of the building would allow for limitless expression, only constrained by one's imagination.

A series of galleries provide spaces for artists to experiment and express themselves, while the main performance space acts as a culmination of these endeavours. Moreover, the building itself enables the wider community to come together, physically linking two banks of the city.

The selected site offers a strong sense of Glasgow's legacy of the industrial revolution, manufacturing, and its people. The River Clyde, with its steam, powers the building and gives back to the mother city, contributing to its essence.

Ilja Anosovs

Chris Malcolm
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