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Interpred 2.0

Part 1 Project 2023
Diana Levieva
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
The symbiotic architecture of public spaces for business and culture poses a complex task of developing and nurturing a relationship between polar characteristics of modern society. On one hand there is the uniformity of corporate culture, with its demanding environment and organisation, on the other there is the freedom and fluidity that comes with art. Combined, they result in the creation of a new form of architecture where two different aspects coexist, but wouldn’t separately.

The project is set in a historically rich site. The Izgrev quarter has been home to many artists and musicians throughout the years, often compared to the Parisian Montmartre. At the same time it is a key location in the Bulgarian capital Sofia from a political standpoint, with many embassies situated in the neighbourhood. The most notable symbol of Izgrev quarter is Interpred – World Trade Centre Sofia.

The diverse background of the neigbourhood attests to the possibility of symbyosis between business and culture, shaping an innovative form of an architectural organism.

Diana Levieva

Panayot Savov
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