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Growth Starts Here: Sunniside Up

Part 1 Project 2023
Campbell Campbell Carmichael
Newcastle University | UK
Growth Starts Here: Sunniside Up emerges as an urban common. Invested in uplifting the local community, the proposal is carefully orientated around food, from its growth to consumption. Against a backdrop of crises, the activities of food provide accessible and adaptive functions that allow diverse community members to bring life to previously overlooked spaces and engage in collective action.

Situated in Sunniside, a marginalised yet much loved area of the city of Sunderland, UK, with an equally neglected yet resilient community, the project asks what it means to care in architecture. Sensitive listening—to the existing site, community, precedent, and literature—revealed that care can be embedded within architecture in many ways and across many scales.

The urban fabric—its vacancy, gap sites, and heritage at risk—and the community—of present and future growers—became key focuses for the creation of a support structure, taking care across all scales from the urban to the detail. The evolution of a ‘permanent scaffolding’ form over time allows for a reciprocal relationship of care with the site’s existing structure and the users, one that empowers community-led growth and site-writes a more caring future for the people of Sunniside Up.

Campbell Campbell Carmichael

Sonali Dhanpal
Ashley Mason
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