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Spark From Within

Part 1 Project 2023
John Jing Rong Tee
University of Malaya | Malaysia
'Spark From Within' is a cultural incubator hub located in Teluk Intan Town, inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of bioluminescence seen in fireflies and blue tears from nearby regions. The project aims to create a dynamic space that fosters creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the cultural sector.

Strategically positioned at the center of Teluk Intan Town with easy accessibility, the hub is designed to connect with the surrounding context and commercial district. Illuminated pathways and interactive lighting features emulate the twinkling trails of blue tears and fireflies, creating an enchanting and immersive experience for visitors, particularly during the night.

Beyond its captivating design, the cultural incubator prioritizes flexibility and adaptability in its spatial arrangement. It accommodates various activities such as workshops, exhibitions, and collaborative projects, fostering artistic expression and cultural exploration. The inclusion of co-working spaces, offices, and exhibition areas further supports emerging artists, entrepreneurs, and cultural practitioners, providing them with resources to develop their ideas and showcase their work.

Ultimately, 'Spark From Within' aims to be a transformative space that empowers individuals and the community it serves. By harnessing the magical allure of bioluminescence and anchoring it within the site's context, the hub becomes a beacon of inspiration, encouraging the creative minds of Teluk Intan to shine brightly and make meaningful contributions to the cultural landscape.

John Jing Rong Tee

Norafida Ab Ghafar
Tang Chee Eun
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