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The Athens Assembly: A New Platform for the People

Part 2 Project 2023
Sammie Pitter
University of the West of England | UK
Athens is a city with a longstanding connection to politics and democracy, with a notable amount of unrest amongst citizens in response to the government in recent decades. The Athens Assembly creates a new location for the people of Athens to learn about the history of Greek politics and voice their opinions on current issues. The development creates a new citizens assembly and library upon the ancient hill of the Pnyx Assembly, used in around 500BC as one of the first gathering locations for direct democracy. The mass of the structure imitates the mass of the historic assembly whilst bringing new form and function to the site, creating more accessible viewing of the ruins whilst bridging the gap between locals and tourists that is prevalent within the UNESCO heritage boundary site.

Sammie Pitter

Jonathan Bassindale
Michael Lewis
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