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Part 2 Project 2023
Nikola Atanasov Vasev
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
My entry is a proposal for the Powerhouse Precinct Parramatta competition. The project is for a mixed-use building, which combines public, residential and office use, located in the Parramatta Precinct in Sydney, Australia. The proposed building consists of a single, complex volume with maximum height of 61.60 meters. All Urban Aspirations by the Parramatta Council have been taken into consideration. The concept involves the current architectural trends in Australia (construction of large scale buildings from timber and acknowledgment of Australian Aboriginal Culture). The building consists of 9 Residential, 4 Presentation and 1 Public Level.

Separate access has been provided to each of the main user groups – residents, visitors, staff and back of house. Continuous, spiral, pedestrian ramps are located on the inner and outer circumference of the building to create a journey like experience. The construction is a mix between Timber, Steel and Reinforced Concrete.

The building and its public domain will facilitate a stronger connection between the city and Parramatta River through the creation of a key cultural destination at the river end of the proposed Civic Link. The proposal for Powerhouse Parramatta combines dynamic functionality with a simple design and establishes the building’s relevance irrespective of time.

Nikola Atanasov Vasev

Elena Ivanova Tsenova
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