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New Domesticity: The Shared Life of Low-Income Single Mother Families in Tokyo

Part 2 Project 2023
Xidian Wang
University of Cambridge | UK
This project aims to assist impoverished single mothers in Tokyo in finding homes and jobs through a shared life. It is a collection of many subtle changes that occur in Shinjuku City in Tokyo, where many Japanese poor single mothers live today. The urban and architectural design involves transforming some abandoned houses, empty spaces between buildings, and underused parts of public buildings into spaces where mothers can live together and operate small businesses cooperatively. Applying the Japanese concept of "afuredashi" (putting things out) to shared spaces, it creates a sense of fluid ownership of the space based on a more fluid concept of the family.

This is not an affordable housing. It is about how a group of women who are not socially and culturally accepted can occupy and enjoy the city on their own, together.

Please visit the project’s website on to find out more.

Xidian Wang

Rod Heyes
Jim Pockson
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