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Reclaiming Brownfield: Vertical Urban Factory

Part 2 Project 2023
Ko Wei Yi
University of Malaya | Malaysia
In response to the primary challenge of waste management in Malaysia's rapid urban agglomerations, particularly as a developing nation, this project proposes a futuristic building typology that effectively addresses waste handling, separation, and recycling issues within a small footprint. The innovative design features a high-tech vertically mechanical waste treatment facility that seamlessly integrates various waste sorting facilities with a waste-to- energy plant, creating a comprehensive one-stop waste management system. Serving as a modular prototype, this building design aims to significantly reduce municipal waste and combat the issue of landfills in different cities while also advocating for regenerative architecture. The project's special study delves into energy design solutions, focusing on fully regenerating energy on-site and establishing a closed-loop system. Additionally, substantial portions of the brownfield will be dedicated to curated parklands and educational centers, actively fostering public awareness about consumption patterns and domestic waste. Through this ambitious endeavor, the project aims to lead the way in sustainable urban development, setting a precedent for waste management and promoting a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

Ko Wei Yi

Ati Rosemary Mohd Ariffin
Mastura Binti Adam
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