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Former Vogt Mansion as a Vertical School

Part 2 Project 2023
Kata Macsek
Budapest University of Technology and Economics | Hungary
The educational attainment of the population living in the sub-region is traditionally lower than the national average. That is why the former mansion would therefore be revitalised as a vertical school to help the area. The idea is that, while training and employing adults, primary school children will be involved in the process, which will also help their natural career orientation. Thus, the programme will mainly include a workshop space, a community kitchen and an employment centre

An important aspect of the design of the building was that in reimagining the former ""colony"", my aim was not to design a finished house, but a multi-phase strategy that could enrich the landscape in several stages, according to local resources. For rural people, the house is not a separate element, but part of the yard. Thus the built environment and the nature of the neighbourhood evolve in parallel during each phase. If resources are scarce, stopping the process at any stage can mean the end of the process.

Kata Macsek

Levente Szabó
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