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The Inbetween

Part 2 Project 2023
Ammara Asdar
Architectural Association London | UK
The Inbetween proposes a settlement in Pakistan that redraws the boundary between rural and urban, work and home, privately owned and shared. The project aims to blend the picturesque countryside with the economic pull of the city by introducing a series of new settlements where work and life coexist without segregation between reproductive and productive labour, where the domestic and the social are seamlessly intertwined and rural industries are consolidated. Gradients of production, water, wind, and shade come together to create family bonds, to offer social resources and environmental comforts and to provide women with spaces for refuge beyond the walls of the home. Life in the Inbetween will counter the overconsumption of the city and the lack of resources in the countryside, creating a condition that questions existing notions of two densities within a landscape - urban and rural - with a settlement that can develop into a pattern of associations, offering ways of life that are based on economic independence.

Ammara Asdar

Lucy Styles
Lawrence Barth
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