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Rescripted Neapolitan Realities: A New Filmic Landscape

Part 2 Project 2023
Kieran Maye
James Pearce
University College Cork | Ireland
Consisting of a new participatory Film Festival and Film/Craft School set within the Vele Di Scampia - a set of apartment blocks situated 6km north of Naples’ historic centre from the 1960s designed by Architect Francis Di Salvo – the project challenges the accepted orthodoxies that define it.

Originally designed as eight structure that had attempted to emulate the close spatial proximities in Naples’ Quartieri Spagnoli, it was conceived as a dense Modernist concrete utopia capable of housing between 40,000- 70,000 inhabitants. Now, however, the last of these are at risk of demolition – which has as much to do with their physical state as its association with underworld activities through depictions of it in the crime drama series Gomorrah, which paints a grim picture of it and the lifestyle of the residents.

Augmenting – rather than replacing - the existing structure with new mask/masque structures, the project produces a series of architectural ‘emanations’ from the Vele and a new community film festival trail from Scampia back to the city. Adopting aesthetic elements of Naples’ Baroque history and the theatrical form of the Neapolitan Commedia dell’arte, the project acts as a living method and model for new participatory processes and progressive conservation.

Kieran Maye
James Pearce

Lorenzo Cammoranesi
Kieran Cremin
Jason O'Shaughnessy
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