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Inspiriting Place: Revitalization of Historical Riverine Settlement at Sungai Petani Old Town

Part 2 Project 2023
Jeng Ying Lim
University of Malaya | Malaysia
This project endeavors to holistically address the complex issues faced by Sungai Petani, where rapid urbanization and industrialization have disrupted the city's cultural ecologies and eroded its sense of place. The project aims to propose an architectural intervention that integrates the principles of ecotones, contextual integration, and cultural revitalization to reestablish a harmonious and culturally vibrant city-waterfront interface. Sungai Petani's urban development has resulted in the displacement of place-based communities, the loss of historic character, and a diminishing sense of identity and vibrancy in the old town. This thesis project seeks to rectify this imbalance by creating an architectural intervention that revitalizes the city's cultural heritage, reconnects the community with its roots, and fosters a renewed sense of belonging and pride. Preserving urban heritage and creating a strong sense of place necessitates a deep understanding and integration of the physical and functional aspects of the city, waterfront, and water body. By employing a contextually integrated approach, the architectural intervention will seamlessly merge with the surrounding environment, respecting the waterfront's historic character while accommodating the community's needs and aspirations.

Jeng Ying Lim

Mastura Binti Adam
Gary Wong Wai Choong
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