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The Vertical Brewery

Part 2 Project 2023
Marie Marie Airth
Robert Gordon University | UK
The vertical brewery is an exploration of the concept of industrial urbanism as a tactical intervention to bring work back into the city centre. This intervention focuses on the creation of a new artisan micro-brewery within the city centre of Aberdeen.

Since the 1970s, Aberdeen has relied on its position as the booming oil capital of Britain. When oil prices collapsed at the end of 2014, the city faced a sharp fall in local revenue causing mass unemployment from the oil sector. However, with the 2022 energy crisis, businesses are now also facing continuously rising operational costs; forcing many to close and causing a subsequent impact on local employment along with the loss of city assets.

The project therefore turns to the historic precedent of the Victorian Tower Brewery - which was identifiable by the brewing process arranged in the form of a vertical tower. This allows the process of brewing to continue via gravity rather than through energy intensive pumps. The project challenges the industry norm of horizontally arranged space, in favour of a concept that has the potential to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the creation of a more economically resilient, circular and self-sufficient brewing industry.

Marie Marie Airth

David Vila Domini
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