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Canongate Baths

Part 2 Project 2000
Nicola Thomson
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
The thesis proposal explores the timeless and contemplative nature of space designated for the ritual of bathing.

The facility provides a retreat from everyday pressures by offering a variety of wet and dry spaces that stimulate the body and mind.

The site is situated in the Old town of Edinburgh, positioned north of the Royal Mile, in the Canongate area of the town.

My aim is to integrate a contemporary building into the distinct historic pattern of the Old Town - exploring the linear site, the different edge conditions and topography, whilst also taking advantage of the views towards Calton Hill.

The proposed building, its relationship of spaces, materials and lighting will establish a narrative from the surrounding conditions and Old Town character.

Nicola Thomson

In keeping with other institutional buildings in the area, the project is appositely located on a discreet plot of land, accessed via a pend to the north of Canongate. Both introvert and extrovert in its organisation, the building intimately explores the topography in a stepped series of pools below an inhabited roof which offers panoramic views of Calton Hill. The intended character and atmosphere is painstakingly described in a sequence of detailed studies. It is a compact building which gradually unfolds to achieve a satisfactory complexity through a varied sequence of spaces whilst a material sensibility informs the whole project.

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