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Events zocle at the Los Cerrillos Airport

Part 2 Project 2000
Philippe Blanc
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile | Chile
The ground as an Architecture generator,a spatial intervention of a void in the presence of geographical magnitudes.

Events zocle at the Los Cerrillos airfield, Santiago

Philippe Blanc

Juan Ignacio Baixas

1. The image of the city of Santiago is determined by the soil’s relief, in other words by its topography.

2. Santiago’s history is also the history of the interaction with the soil’s forms. In its process of growth, Santiago lost the balanced relation between its vods,its topography and its built spaces as a structure of living in the city.

1. Events Zocle : should shelter exhibitions (fairs) as well as outside activities.

2. The proposal is to intervene the airfield’s void in order to make it be part of the urban system of spaces, becoming thus, part of the urban events’ pulse and rythm, which measure the time of the city.

1. In order to change the void into an urban space, the three primary and basic operations on the topography of the site are proposed as follows:

To even the ground (zocle)
To accumulate the earth (enmbakment)
To dig the earth (ditch or trench)

The three archetypes mentioned above are the ones materializing the project , ordering the space and its activities in relation to the horizon (as a spatial and symbolic structure).

Philippe Blanc

On july, the School of Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Santiago organized a public exhibition of the most outstanding final projects of its students, to select the nominees for The President's Medals for Education in Architecture 2000.

A special jury, composed by the Graduation Committee of the Architecture School, selected this particular project with the following criteria:
– The project reached a high level of complexity as final work of the career and also because of its own development.
– The relevance of the project's subject, in addition to its nature or context, can be considered as a contribution, because it brings out the local particularity of the site,
– The project is qualified to be explained in an easy and almost inmediate way.
– In addition to the other project selected by the committee, this project shows the thematic diversity of the school.
– Besides the achievement shown by the student in the realization of this excellent final project, he showed an outstanding trajectory during his years of study in this School.

Considering all this reasons, the School of Architecture is proud to present this project, and thanks the Royal Institute of British Architecture for this opportunity.

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