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Aqua Mall

Part 1 Project 2001
Muhammad Ali Khan
University of Engineering & Technology Lahore Pakistan
My aim is to provide a 15 acres paradise offering an endless variety of colours, and forms throughout the year. It will be designed to specifically address current criteria for shopping, entertainment, recreation, and other social activities

The main objective of this project is to provide a number of activities like shopping, entertainment, and swimming under one roof. People will have a variety of options for spending their time. Time is very precious now days. People don't have enough time to go to different places for different purposes. They need some places where they can go and get more in little time. This is a very common trend in most parts of the world. Aqua Mall will be right up to the foreign standards. It will serve as an entertainment center as well as a commercial and gathering place.

Less urban spaces are available then ever before, yet our city's population continues to grow. More services are required. We cannot give separate places for different purposes. So right solution is a multi purpose building.
Multi purpose building is an idea and a concept rather than a form. It includes many functions of human life from commercial to entertainment on limited and costly piece of land.

Following objectives are also achieved:

(i) A leisure oriented project for all ages, and a revenue generated space.
(ii) To dig out maximum use of the site according to the potential it has.
(iii) To provide an adventure oriented space, where one can learn and break the monotony of repetitious urban life.

Muhammad Ali Khan

This student's project was selected from a given list of 32 thesis projects. His work is the result of thoughtful research in how commercial and leisure processes can be mutually supportive.

The eastern side of the complex, which is very prominent in character, provides a sun filter to the heart of the project that is the fun pool and the elegant cable structure is overlaid with a relatively new material in Pakistan called Tefelon. The elevation clearly links the internal environment with the exterior, as long waves made of glass, attract the people to come inside and enjoy the new experiences.

Careful attention to sitting and external spatial configurations has resulted in a design, which repairs a fragmented urban morphology, provides a symbolic catalyst to urban renewal and makes a valiant attempt to bring relief in the busy and exhausted lives of people of our country.

Even though the focus of the project is a covered fun pool, there is also a well designed centrally located entertainment center including a circular shape skating ring, a cinema for 425 persons, 12 lanes bowling alley, a fun land for children, pool and snooker club and above all, a well located food court.

A sensibly placed shopping mall on the western side is another important part of the project, which includes individual boutiques, shops, departmental sores and supermarkets. Parking for management and other staff is located in the basement level.

The design represents a highly inventive yet restrained architectural response to physical context and cultural setting, providing a collection of interlocking spaces, which will instantly engage the visitor with a continually changing vibrant urban event.

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