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Embarcadero - Overseas Passenger Facility

Part 2 Project 2001
Steve Vant
Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool | UK
The embarcadero plays a crucial role in the master plan for the Liverpool Strand, forming a primary link between city & riverside spaces. The project plays on the rejuvenation of Liverpool's maritime heritage, touching on the memories of ocean-going liners arriving at the heart of the city. The importance of the project is examined in terms of this event & a new city threshold between localised spaces & world cruise destinations.

This high quality passenger facility becomes a new city icon capturing locals, travellers & tourists alike within a flexible anatomy of spaces that change with the ephemeral nature of the terminal. The axial framework of the structure consumes areas of unanimated city space on various levels & creates alternative scale relationships with adjacent buildings & plug-in sea-faring vessels.

Navigable networks of ramps linking each floor bisect the spaces within the structure, celebrating movement & the imminent journey. A reciprocity of views is shared with the adjacent public spaces through the transparent skin.

The structure is visually accessible & permeable from every approach. The roof level provides views to the river & landing stage & forms an environmental platform for harnessing the natural elements of an exposed waterfront site.

Steve Vant

This project addresses the need for a new centralised overseas passenger service for Liverpool whilst creating a clear overall strategy for the renowned river frontage at Pier Head. The work - post Yokohama - seeks to shape the inhabited geometries that will define the space between a fractured city edge & the floating towns of the cruise liners & Seacats themselves.

The urban analysis of this complex site & programme has demonstrated a logical and consistent strategy from global to human scale. The work has made serious enquiries into a live proposal, creating a deliverable solution for the future growth of the city’s overseas passenger market.

The project is a result of Steve’s ability to identify opportunities & develop a strong argument for their implementation. His clarity of thought throughout the design process is evident through the use of photomontage. CAD visuals are created as a continual process of communicating both ideas & convincing solutions to real problems. He demonstrates a talent for addressing the site & brief with effective results.

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