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Transport Interchange, Gibraltar

Part 2 Project 2001
Mark Davies
University of Huddersfield | UK
The strength of this project lies within the complex masterplan to re-generate the transport infrastructure of Gibraltar, reinstating its locational importance as a ‘gateway’ to the Mediterranean, Europe and beyond. A new peninsular was created, to echo the existing ‘spit’ on which the rock of Gibraltar sits.

The scheme creates a new entrance to the existing marina, whilst expanding its capacity and creating a new vibrant waterfront. The entrance to the site is orientated on the axis of the lookout tower nestled on top of the rock, and is anchored by the joint check-in facility for both air and sea. Two sublime ‘tentacle’ like fly-overs reinforce this axis, acting as the principle entrance to the development. Connection from the check-in facility to the airport and cruise terminals is achieved through two bridge links, acting as transition zones to allow the passenger time before encountering the next part of the journey. These links maintain visual connectivity with each mode of transport as well as views beyond.

The cruise liner terminal itself is architecturally expressed from nautical metaphors. Hence the precast concrete ‘wave’ like structure creates a volume of space animated by light and shade to give a spacious feeling under an imposing structure. The masculinity of the concrete is contrasted by the introduction of glass and steel, along with a high resolution of detailing between the three components. The departure wing penetrates through this structure to anchor itself on land, reminiscent of a beached boat, it expresses a change in function internally.

The overall clarity of the terminal is articulated in plan and section as a direct result to its climatic response. The terminal maximizes passive ventilation, funneling cool sea breezes through the spine of the building, creating an exciting and dynamic form.

Mark Davies

This project creates an interchange in Gibraltar for ferry, bus and air travellers. It is based upon the concept of the cruise liner terminal, creating glamour and a waterside landmark for tourists who disembark at Gibraltar. The design draws upon nautical metaphors and responds directly to the hot seaside climate by layering the facades and roof. These allow the building to breathe, exploiting Atlantic breezes and solar assisted ventilation.

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