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V low TRACK - Recumbent-bike and roller-blade shelter in Haarlem Spaarnwoude, the Netherlands.

Part 2 Project 2001
Eddie Verbeek
Amsterdam University of the Arts Amsterdam Netherlands
The recumbent bike and roller-blade shelter 'V low TRACK' provides space for sports, recreational and innovative activities and events. Its design stems from my enthusiasm for pure forms of mobility based on manpower.
The scheme comprises three concentric circuits, a long one of two kilometres round the lake, a medium-sized one of 500 metres and a short one of 200 metres.
There are in addition indoor spaces for hobbies, sports, commerce and eating/drinking, as well as a large reception hall for hire with a bar and sleeping accomodation.

The various components are clearly configured in zones in the plectrum-shaped main volume whose stepped composition affords dynamic views through of the underlying 200-metre track.

Storey-high truss girders separate the programmatic zones.

The building's silhouette refers to the image of a recumbent cyclist in motion.

Eddie Verbeek

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