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Dublin Integrated Design Project

Part 1 Project 2001
Andrew Matthews
University of Portsmouth | UK
My main aim for the Dublin project site was to create a space that was alive for 24 hours of the day. I wanted it to become a hub of activity with different people passing through the site at different times of the day. The brief allowed me to mix a range of uses such as housing, office accommodation, retail (including a market) and also cafés and bars. I exceeded the brief set and increased the density of the site so that it might become commercially viable and also to increase the available public space. I added underground car parking and also extra retail units as well as another 24 flats. My aim for the square was to provide a quiet contemplative area away from the hustle and bustle of the Temple Bar area, whilst still sharing the millennium bridge as a link. The market is to be hosted here and has permanent canopy to the west of the site. I also wanted public such as performance and sculpture to be hosted here.

All the buildings have their own architectural language, which relates directly to their individual function and designed so that artificial control mechanisms such as louvers are not required.

Andrew Matthews

This student's work is rigorous and thorough from inception to presentation. He has a real enthusiasm for architecture and is exceptionally motivated. Above all Andy embodies the ethos of the School confidently and effectively manipulating form and space to produce intelligent and responsive architecture. Andy has excelled in the use of computer animation, drawings and modelling to design, develop and communicate the experience of his architecture.

With the school’s belief in the architect’s urban responsibility, the culmination of this student's work was based on a comprehensive design for a part and mixed use buildings in the city of Dublin, a project through which he addressed new ideas for rebuilding city living.

This student graduates from the our Degree program with the skills, ideas and enthusiasm that anticipate an exciting architectural future. Watch his space!

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