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Urban Ranger

Part 2 Project 2001
Jess Paul
Gregory Epps
Royal College of Art | UK
The 'Urban Ranger' training programme has extended the conventional role of Hackney's park keepers to become events co-ordinators and cultural mediators. Could this system enable the intimate passions and skills of the citizen to enter public space and redefine the identity of an institution?

An unofficial transaction takes place at Hackney council's periphery. Rangers have the opportunity to appropriate council resources in exchange for hosting events, meetings and training sessions within personalised parks buildings. The first stage of this proposal speculates the council's evacuation of the existing Town hall to seek temporary accomodation in the adjacent park. New public/ private initiatives are envisaged to occur as personal affiliations extend beyond departmental boundaries. The 'Urban Ranger' becomes the new navigational system for the citizen, giving guided tours through this evolving social enity.

The experiences gained from the council's formative year in the park have the potential to generate an unexpected programme for the new Town square. The impenetrable 'box' of the old Town hall unfolds, forming a permeable envelope for the new institution. Patrick's insatiable appetite for fancy dress activates the new Town square as a site for an Easter egg hunt that weaves its route through the council hierarchy. By attending subsequent meetings and training sessions, the spectator is invited to become a participator, disseminating council resources, enabling individuals the possibility to redefine the nature of civic space.

Jess Paul
Gregory Epps

This student's ability to immerse himself within the culture of the institution and become a working member of their team is a commendable approach. He deconstructs the very idea of the town hall, reconfigures it back to the client and radically questions the very nature of the organisation. He is an exemplary student who selflessly pursues the core issues of the subject above style and graphic representation.

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