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Tracing Memory, Doncaster Library

Part 1 Project 2003
Paul Bower
Adam John
University of Sheffield | UK
This project is concerned with the ‘tracing of memory’ within Doncaster to provide the area with a library that could alter in both the physical and perceptual environment over time.

The library uses excavated earth from its basement to encapsulate donated objects in a wall. The wall is formed whilst being a public route during construction; allowing residents to bury their objects and also aid in the compaction of the excavated earth. The earth wall is left exposed to the elements to naturally degrade and become inhabited by wildlife, providing a grassy bank in an otherwise concrete dominated town centre.

Paul Bower
Adam John

Paul’s work has been consistently informed by his approach, which has focused on producing set pieces throughout the project, allowing him to have a dialogue with others. His initial studies explored the relationship between objects, culture and memory and how these might lead to non-static built proposal. A key component of his project is a “living wall”, which not only houses facilities and remnants of a past but also provides an interactive edge. This notion was explored in great detail and manifested itself as a 1:5 scale model that literally decayed during the final review to show the ideals.


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