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Comprehensive School In Bristol

Part 2 Project 2003
Roly Hudson
Jonathan Astbury
University of Bath | UK
The ambition for the project was to create a school with a strong formal identity both internally and externally, while being flexible enough to accommodate the variety of spaces required by a school of its size. A point of reference for the project was established in a study of the work of Issey Miyake where fabrics undergo permanent three-dimensional deformation and can fit many differing sizes. Sitting at the brow of a green space in north Bristol the site is buffered from the residential surroundings by gardens and allotments yet enjoys stunning views over Bristol; while orientation loosely suggests internal organisation.
Roly Hudson
Jonathan Astbury

Roly Hudson's project was exemplary in that each stage was explored with real energy and without knowing where it would lead. The study of Issey Miyake textiles showed the enormous range of textiles that could be made from only a few materials and processes. The Framework stage was very conceptual, putting forward a spatial and
institutional asperation that was only just described by the facetted mountainscape. Roly's individual project remained formally ambiguous for some time, but each new piece of work clarified certain things. The final project is impressively resolved and manages to articulate many of the formal and organisational early ideas in a fresh and unusually consistent manner.

Adam Caruso

Dr Tim Brindley
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