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Public-Cultural Center

Part 2 Project 2003
Jonathan Cerowski
Tatiana Shuvalova
Moscow Architectural Institute | Russia

The working-up area is situated in Moscow on Frunzenskaya Street by the newly planned tourist route and adjoins the embankment of the Moscow-river. At present this territory contains a public zone with planting of greenery.
The town-planning solution of this area defines the main task – to save a foot-passable, green-planted space and satiate it with different publical functions.
The project conception expresses a building form imitating the natural landscape, which can be a pedestrian walking path. It consists of two shape types – the stretched hill-building (public and cultural use) and three towers, growing from it (business and administrative use). The hill part is connected with a bridge over the river and has a green exploited roof.

Jonathan Cerowski
Tatiana Shuvalova

The present project is a part of a group project, which had to propose a detailed architectural solution of the territory of the newly planned tourist route in Moscow.
The tourist route is to be a new development in Moscow’s tourist business sector, and in town planning conceptions. Its overall length exceeding two kilometers, it should include more than a hundred architecture and culture monuments, plenty of shops, entertainment and tourist and business outlets, and business activity zones.
The project of the Cultural-Public Center on the Frunzenskaya embankment is an example of the environmental attitude to the building construction at newly developed city sites. Almost the whole volume of the center is under the ground level thus it was possible to provide a lot of open “green” space on top of it.

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