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Bamboo Housing Project in Coffee Harvesting Region Recovering from an Earthquake in Colombia

Part 2 Project 2003
Luis Fernando Caicedo
Catholic University of Colombia, Bogota | Colombia
Bamboo Housing Project for the community Asovisla in the municipality of Chinchiná, Colombia.

A house does not have to be built according to other patterns apart from tradition to reach acceptance inside a culture already formed. The tradition of the houses built in guadua (bamboo) is millenary in our lands and constitutes a sustainable way to build. This way to build is resistant against earthquakes and always survives. In this project spaces of sociability were organized in several scales so that a craft market can be integrated to pedestrian routes of the population of Chinchiná.

Luis Fernando Caicedo

Campo Elias and Luis Fernando synthesize architecture as a combine of the desire to recover from an earthquake by the settlers and re-establish their cultural identity in the zone of cultivation of the coffee in Colombia. This project is a sample of the architectural formation in the school and of the sense of responsibility and commitment with the problems related to the deficit of housing. The housing shortage in the area is sharp since the earthquake of 1999. I want to emphasize the proposed tecnico-constructive aspects of the proposal that explores the proper use of materials of the land and recovers vernacular techniques, achieving good arquitectural spatial and urban quality besides an aesthetic image that is identifiable.


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