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Part 2 Project 2003
Dimitrios Tsigos
Konstantinos Papaoikonomou
Architectural Association | UK
Programmatic agenda

In the process of hybridising the airport lounge with the discotheque, the project generates several dilemmas regarding the merging of different administrational control levels but also the territorilization of informal tendencies.
The response towards both the above is the pursue of a hyper-flexible relationship between human inhabitation and an ever shifting material – environmental milieu called programmatic migration: The term describes the nomadic regime where human inhabitation is in constant negotiation with the architectural envelope within the prospect of ephemeral colonization of particular localities.

Architectural Envelope

The concept of programmatic migration triggers the pursue of a tectonic and architectural envelope where flexibility is a real-time process of adopting to the spatial and geometrical needs of changing programmatic assignment.

Structural hierarchy

The above agenda was employed a structural system of elastically deformable composite primary members: within such a system spatial deformations produced by point loading can be appropriated programmatically. The system features inhabitable surfaces and enclosure articulated as a fish skin – emulating flexible paneling system.

Dimitrios Tsigos
Konstantinos Papaoikonomou

Dimitrios Tsigos joined Dip 4 both in his 4th and 5th year.
Collaboration and mutual support characterised the studio all
year long and pushed the discourse and design techniques to a very high level. Dimitri used this momentum to excel and to produce
a project for a discotheque/airport lounge hybrid for
Schiphol Airport, that challenged common notions of
programming through a non-deterministic dynamic distribution
of activities that seek their appropriate spatial and environmental
conditions. At the same time Dimitri developed a tectonic approach
based on a performative morphology, whithin which the exploitation of
elastic deformation and friction principles facilitate the
migratory programmes with a dynamic structure and envelope.


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