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Archaeological Centre, Deptford, London

Part 2 Project 2004
Stuart Traynor
Caroline McArthur
University for the Creative Arts | UK
The centre surrounds the church of St. Paul's which was designed by the Baroque architect Thomas Archer. My archaeological centre will explore and merge the boundaries between the natural and built environments.

The exhibition space of my archaeological centre is an extension of the existing plinth of St. Paul's Church and it also reuses an existing defined space between the church and its existing church walls. Here the boundaries between built and natural environments are broken down and the church itself becomes part of the archaeological exhibition. The archaeological centre enhances the existing spaces with existing materials around the Baroque monument.

Stuart Traynor
Caroline McArthur

Stuart has wide ranging abilities; he is an innovative designer on the one hand and a academically able researcher with a specific interest in seventeenth century English architectural history.
Stuart’s major design project is an archaeological centre at Deptford, London. A research and storage ‘wall’ forms a courtyard in front of Thomas Archer’s church of St Paul. This is mirrored on the other side of the court by an existing wall that encloses and gives access to the Archaeological centre. He has extended the plinth of the church to form an exhibition area. Large openings are cut into its roof to frame fragmented views of St Paul’s, implying the church has become part of the archaeological display. The top surface is grassed over. At the back of the church, the idea of the fusion of landscape and building is continued in the design of the education centre. Stuart’s representational abilities to visualise his design are highly persuasive in manifesting his sense of ‘place’ making.


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