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Voluntary Euthanasia Center, Isle of Man

Part 2 Project 2004
Lisa Sheridan
Sam Diston
Newcastle University | UK
The Isle of Man Government is currently debating the legalisation of assisted suicide. This thesis explores the idea that if euthanasia were to become lawful, it should be required to take place within a controlled environment, disassociated from the institutes of life preservation so as to maintain faith in doctors as life preservers, an alternative from hospice for patients who wish to die.

Through the application of ritual, derived from sociology, anthropology and ethnography, this new building typology seeks to address secular society’s demise of rituals that once surrounded death. The theory explored is one of architecture as an expression of our ‘Rites of Passage’, where sentiment is expressed through the architecture embodying the psychological comfort of ritual.

Lisa Sheridan
Sam Diston

To design a building for the purpose of Voluntary Euthanasia is a daunting challenge, but the emotional and spiritual passion that Lisa gave to this project produced a level of research rarely seen at Diploma level. The building itself is beautifully simple, a poetic place and sensitive setting to explore the sublime rituals of departure. This is a building that plays with your emotions as you negotiate the delicate thresholds between public and private space. Carefully chosen materials are brought to life as natural light refracts off the surface of rippling water beneath you as you make your journey through the dream-like spaces. I can imagine this building whispering to you, inspiring your deepest thoughts and memories. If I had to choose to die anywhere, it would be here.


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