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man makes architecture

Part 1 Project 2004
Maya Carni
Harry Thorpe
Architectural Association | UK
Architecture is the platform for human activities to happen. As such it is a geometry for life. this project uses a set of images of human figures in specific poses to speculate on the possibility of creating tools to predict and visualize the otherwise unseen geometry of life which helps define architecture.
Through empirical observation we created a series of connections both physical and programmatic, in order to form a hidden elevated local park on the site of a disused and inaccessible viaduct in Shoreditch which responds and interacts with its communities both at neighbourhood and a highly localised scale.

Maya Carni
Harry Thorpe

The project was selected because of its independent critical thinking, the innovation and complexity of the final design and the professionality of the presentation.
Innovative in its genuine search for a design method, attempting to relate computer generated formfinding processes directly at the physical and social needs of the individual user.
Critical and radical in its urban approach by claiming
‘non- existing’ zones between public and private areas,
transforming them into small spatially complex situations to become social catalysts for the close neighbourhood. Creating an elevated arcadian landscape for the local communities
within the large scale of the city.


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