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Part 2 Project 2004
Lee Andrew Austin
Lucrecia Piedrahita Orrego
Deakin University Geelong | Australia
This project proposes a design solution for urban wayfinding through a new typology of artefact: an infojectile - a re-configurable real-time multimodal information network based on the integration of dynamic information, interconnected networks and site. The infojectile is designed to increase and broaden the nature of urban navigation. The infojectile extends the five features of wayfinding published by Lynch (1960) through a sixth feature, information. The sixth feature addresses how form can be created from an amalgam of dynamic and site specific information.
The project focuses the investigation of one infojectile: the intersection of StKilda and Domain roads.

Lee Andrew Austin
Lucrecia Piedrahita Orrego

Lee Austin tackles a difficult but central problem in current urban design, the implication of exploding forms of information in the urban environment for urban legibility. He extends Lynch's five cognitive features with a sixth: dynamic information. This leads to the contruction of a new type, the infojectile. The idea is then tested the conversion of the Domain interchange tram stop into an infojectile, incorporating the tram timetables with the physical structure.


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