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A Meeting Place in the edge

Part 1 Project 2004
Christo Van Der Westhuizen
Niamh Lincoln
Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria | South Africa
The edge and edge-city lies within us.

Within our cities and within our minds.

We must re-conquer the inner city and allow it to sprawl over the edges and the land beyond. It must once again be a pleasant place to live in, where all exist, work and relax in synergetic harmony. It must be pulled back, stitched together.

Erase, soften the edges in our minds, edges that make us want to separate, whether by class, race, or age.

Use the common language of music.

‘Our ability to hear not in several languages but in several musics at once’

Christo Van Der Westhuizen
Niamh Lincoln

This project elevated itself above the rest in the remarkable approach (at 3rd year level) the student took in solving a problem-statement that lent itself to a myriad of interpretations.

When the synthesis aspires towards a higher level of cognisance than simple form-giving to physical space, architecture attains and transmits meaning: which was the essence of this project.

Mr Florian Kossak
Prof Sarah Wigglesworth
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