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Leith Ferry Terminal

Part 1 Project 2004
Jessam Al-Jawad
Linus Third
University of Edinburgh Edinburgh | UK
The design of this ferry terminal for Leith arranges programmatic elements vertically within a screen. Conceptually, this building aims to create a visual threshold between the cars parked in the ‘apron’ and the ferry on arrival. As well as framing the boat when it is in dock, the building brings the exchange of the passengers departing and arriving into close proximity, although they remain separated.

The thinness of the building also expresses the threshold nature of the port town of Leith and its double orientation - out to sea and back to Edinburgh and the hinterlands of Scotland.

Jessam Al-Jawad
Linus Third

This project proposes a new ferry terminal at Leith (port of Edinburgh) to receive ships making the crossing to Zeebrugge. Stacking the vehicle handling and terminal facilities vertically, it envisages the building as a screen against which the boat docks. As well as constructing programmatic and functional relationships between boat and terminal on various levels, the screen controls and modulates distant and close-up views between city and ship. When docked, fragments of the ship are revealed through openings in the screen structure.

This is a wonderfully multi-faceted project that responds to a complex brief in an extremely sophisticated way.


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