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"Fish 'n' Beer" a revitalisation of the millenium walkway

Part 2 Project 2004
Matt Swanton
Jane Wong
University of Portsmouth | UK
The Camberdocks were once part of a major trade circuit, carrying much of the lifeblood of the city, however, the area is now undervalued and difficult to manouvre in. The millennium walk has broken down around the camberdock, unable to deal with the multiple edge conditions and site constraints, it has been diluted into nearby residential areas and become disconnected from the rest of Portsmouth. The site requires a grand gesture to reorder this critical node within the walk. Once this has been done the millennium walk can fully stitch the various edges conditions together and Portsmouth as a whole.
Matt Swanton
Jane Wong

This is an urban masterplan project which aims to regenerate an area through a new landscape treatment and an insertion of particular buildings, namely a micro brewery, a fish market and a new courtyard housing block in between.

The project deals with urban design not just in terms of formal resolutions; it goes beyond shape making to consider the uses and the 'spirit' of the place. The building designs are simple but clear, and their architectonic language speaks to and enhances the existing fabric of the city.

The project is sophisticated both in theoretical content as well as in technical resolution - it shows not only a designer but an architect at work.


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