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GDP: Foyer21 - Flux Tower

Part 2 Project 2004
Danny Sun
Natalia Malejka
De Montfort University | UK
The Global Design Project (GDP), this year, was a 100 bed hostel for the Foyer Federation and a related training centre. This and the site were proposed by the students. The centre is a catering school. The site is in Sneinton Market, Nottingham. The major road that cuts across the site is a barrier to the flow of economic developments between the city centre and the inner city. The Foyer creates a new bridge. To maximise the velocity ratio from input to output, the idea was to generate a series of vortex holes and paths into the building.
Danny Sun
Natalia Malejka

Sun chose a difficult site in a context of tall, bulky and small-scale buildings. He resolves these conflicts, showing skill in the manipulation of urban form, and sensitivity to his influences, cultural and technical. He combines these with his own ideas to create a profoundly original architecture. He calls his building “Flux Tower”, evoking the constant state of the Foyer system and the urban reconciliation, as well as the changes his environmentally responsive elevations undergo. Sun’s project is an excellent example of the integration of radical contemporary thinking with pragmatic resolution working with urban context in a wholly regenerative way.

Dr Ombretta Romice
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