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A war Memorial Centre in Nakawa,Kampala, Uganda

Part 1 Project 2004
Muhwezi Brian
Jill Murray
Makerere University Kampala | Uganda
The war memorial center is an architectural attempt to capture the essence of war and express it in ‘form and function’ in order to foster a closer interaction and a deeper understanding of war as a process, by the general public. It is proposed that the center becomes a sculptural landmark and thus is a constant reminder to Ugandans about “where we have been in our history, and where we need to be in future”. By describing a journey punctuated by five highlights, the center creates a comprehensive and deeply moving picture of the war cycle, and how it has affected Uganda

Muhwezi, Brian

Muhwezi Brian
Jill Murray

The main strength of Brian’s project lies in the methods, system, discipline and rigor of the process. The outcome is a universal language that although manifests itself in spaces of various moods, is in many ways a detached observation that aligns itself to no specific cultural language. The student demonstrates through the project a consciousness of the political issues in Uganda and uses a language that is based on a conceptual understanding of the war process to let architecture tell Uganda’s story.

It is especially important that an Architect working in Uganda is able to address the political and social questions of their context.

Namuganyi, Lillian


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