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Balkanic Forum of Hellas, Pireus, Greece

Part 2 Project 2004
Pandeli Murga
Calin Barbu
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
Situated on the the shore of the Saronik Gulf in Pireus, in the south of Athens The International Center of Pireus and Textures Park is also thought as a community center. The very complex architectural programme includes as main features a Museum, a Conference Hall, a Theatre and City Hall facilities.
Taking advantage of the marvellous landscape and views offered by the location the functions are grouped in several buildings that are linked by pedestrian ways. The monumental stairs that look over the sea reminds us of the ancient Greek amphitheaters.

Pandeli Murga
Calin Barbu

Pandeli Murga had the idea to develop his project on a site that enjoys the advantages of the Greek sun and sea.
Thought as an important building development at the seaside, the Balkanic Forum of Hellas meets the demands of the local population as well as serving as an important international meeting point. The architectural solution is very well thought in relation with the landscape and what it is offering and at the same time of a timeless modernity.
All these qualities and the suggestive presentation brought him the highest mark for the Diploma Projects 2004, mark 10 (ten).


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