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Urban planning Arboretum, Zurich

Part 1 Project 2004
Clemens Nuyken
Christopher Jones
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich | Switzerland
Urban context is the public garden area at the lakeside of Zurich bordered by Bürkliplatz and Enge ship port. Accepted elements: City park with plants, walk ways, existing installations. Street furniture to be replaced through new planning. Small buildings as ticket shop, street café, aviary and Kiosk are planning elements as luminary, litter baskets and garden benches. Lakeside façade and Arboretum architecture are mixed gently and extensively with atmosphere of pleasure grounds.
Clemens Nuyken
Christopher Jones

Project conviction: even the most trivial places have lifeblood, roots. The bassin of the lake of Zurich reveal a small and everyday history where built architecture plays a minor part. Anonymous buildings – architecture on second glance – is the power of this project of urban planning.

Dr Igea Troiani
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